Ricardo Cedeño Montaña | Palmira, Colombia | 2004



This installation aims to make the audience aware of the relationship between technology and human beings. The installation distorts the sense of space by mixing and hard wiring the performers with technical communication devices. The faces of the performers are covered by x-rays of cell phones and the tv screen is distored by magnets. All this is connected by the noise generated by the devices themselves without any signal. We are defined by the communication devices we use. They are the portrait of who we are and have become our social skin. Television is a mass media that distorts and builds up our perception of the reality and of ourselves. This installation uses video technology to present a distorted images of us and our awkward relation to media. Noise is the main matter of this installation. In traditional commercial video noise is unacceptable. But in this case, it is incorporated as an anomalous factor conflicting with the distorted image of a TV screen that links the subjects and the image in the monitor.

Video documentation. 2nd April 2004. Palmira, Colombia